20 January 2009

Joke's On Them

They offered me the job today.

I took it.

How is this going to make an impact on our life?

The significant upswing in my salary will make additional choices available to us in the way of "we could rob people, sell plasma, and perhaps even set up a Ponzi scheme" to "hey, we can probably afford to do a round of IVF if that's what it takes".

I will also work more. (Wait....I am already working a lot..ask my subconscious, who won't pipe down at night when I sleep...)

I can make decisions that will impact a huge amount of people. It will be my decisions, I will own them, and I will make an impact on where my organization's future is headed. I have wallowed in making suppositions and suggestions for the past few months. I feel like I can finally breathe.

I get a better parking spot. And they pay my cell phone.

I get the corner office in the downtown office building with the windows that I always thought I wanted when I was young and career-oriented.

I get to sit in on the super secret management meetings...just like the one they had when they proclaimed me C.I.A..

Joke's on them. Why?

I would trade it all, in a heartbeat... for a tiny heartbeat.

So, until then, I get to revel for a while and do some good. (Don't think there wasn't a serious discussion before they offered me the job about my abrasiveness and what I needed to do to (my quotes) "play well with others". ) But right now... it's the best thing that has happened to us in a while.

And I am holding fast to what Mr. Monkey said to me when I called him to tell him I took the job: "Maybe 2009 will be our year."

I hope he's right.

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Princess Jo said...

Hope lives.

I hope it is your year. I hope that you get to hear a heartbeat. I hope you can feel this hope...